Potting up

I had a HUGE crack in my windshield. Yes, that is a totally different topic, but while I waited for the repair technician to arrive, I worked in the basement to pot up some tomato plants.

As you may recall, potting up is when you transplant a seedling into a larger pot. I had tried using a 4 inch soil block maker, but the method took a lot of effort, used a good big of soil, and frankly, took too long. So, I ordered and received biodegradable 3 inch pots – Jiffy pots made of peat and Fertil pots made of wood fiber.

I prepared my potting soil as I did for the soil blocks, meaning I wet it to the consistency of wet cement.

I filled the bottom third of the pot with the damp soil.

Fertil pot

Fertil pot

I placed the seedling (planted in a 1.5 inch soil block) in the pot and filled around it and up to the cotyledon leaves, covering about an inch or more of stem.


New roots will sprout from that buried stem and will make for a stronger plant.

Finally, I set the pots in a tray of water so they could absorb water from the bottom up.

I don’t know if you can tell from this iPhone photo, but the pots at the bottom of the photo are different. The one on the left I’d a Jiffy pot. If you look carefully, you can see a water line near the level of the tray rim. The pot of the right is a Fertil pot. It is completely saturated, having fully absorbed water from the base to the pot top. I can tell you at this moment, I think I prefer the Fertil pot. One has to be careful with peat pots as they can be drying. I definitely will keep watch.

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