Today we are having a relaxing, gentle rain pitter pat on the metal roof. What better time to work indoors?

Pull out the pry bars, hammers and the sawzall (reciprocating saw). While Jordan was working at the dairy, I started some demolition. We are removing a wall that is between our den and future kitchen. This farmhouse is going to be about the views and hanging out – so open interior spaces are a must. Here is the part I started:

Here is the part I left Jordan:

I was nervous about the electrical cord behind the pine paneling.

And here is the end result with one view into the future kitchen (now our clothes drying room and our business office).

The other view looking into the den slash bedroom.

The den will be the last room we tackle – it is in the best shape at this point.

Our plan is to have an island between the two spaces. French doors leading out to a massive, wrap-around porch off of the kitchen and den with lovely valley views. This project was small compared to the long, extensive list of things we still need to do, but it is progress.

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