It was a bit cloudy yesterday, and it was spitting a little rain. Jordan and I worked to finish up some chores. He picked up where I left off with the cardboard and leaves. What’s that, you’re asking? Yes, well, I am not sure I ever explained it fully. The short answer is that we are short on organic matter. My attempt to grow cover crops last fall failed (too late in the season when I finally managed to get the seeds out). If we want organic matter, we have to haul it in as the compost pile we have started is no where near complete. So, cardboard was my thought. It will breakdown and provide great organic matter with the added bonus of weed and moisture control. I posted a bit ago about hauling leaves (with a lot of help from our friends) and how we started laying out cardboard and leaves on the paths. Jordan was able to finish the section I was working on. That means we have half of the garden finished! Granted it is the smaller half…and the other areas are already weedy (sigh). Small steps.

I worked on finishing the row covers.

Securing row covers

Securing row covers

Row covers are a spun fabric (polymer) that go over plants and create a micro-environment for the plants. Row covers come in different weights. The weight of the fabric determines how much light is transmitted and the degree of frost protection. The fabrics are nice in that they protect plants against wind and insects yet allow water through. I am using the lightest weight fabric (Agro19) on these rows. The brassicas can handle cooler temps. The big reason I am covering them is to protect the transplants from the winds we get up here on the ridge. A little protection from bugs doesn’t hurt either. The latter reason is why the potatoes are covered, too. Here is what on quarter of the garden looks like now:


Again. Small steps.

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