Tomatoes and peppers

Here is a seedling update, mainly specific to our tomatoes and peppers. This morning, I grouped like with like so I could get an idea of what we have. Basically, we have hundreds (yes, hundreds) of heirloom tomato seedlings, all of which appear pretty vigorous. Here they are:

Table of tomatoes

Lovely sight except for the fact it is time to pot them up. Potting up is where you take your existing plant and replant it in a larger pot. For the tomatoes, planting them a little deeper in their new, larger pot helps make for a stronger plant (buried stem starts sprouting roots). For potting up, I tried using the 4″ soil block maker (plants are currently in a 1.50″ block). One word – laborious. Out of the hundreds of seedlings you saw on the tomato table, sixteen got potted up. 16. Pitiful. Here is what they look like:

4″ soil blocks with tomato seedlings (picture is blurred because a fan is on – a little breeze also helps to make a stronger plant)

Here are what soil block makers look like:

Soil blockers 3/4″, 1.5″, 2″ & 4″ sizes, respectively

I love the soil block makers. They are fun, easy and involve no plastic pots. The plant is surrounded by great soil from start to field. The blocks of soil and plant go directly in the ground at planting time. It’s a beautiful system – except maybe for the 4″ one with hundreds or so plants to do. So – I bought biodegradable pots. 3″ size to help conserve soil. It will have to do for this year. Here is what came yesterday and today (two types – Jiffy pots from Park Seed and Fertil pots from Johnny’s Seed – will see if I have a preference).

My weekend has been planned.

As a side note, the peppers were consolidated to a table, too. The hot peppers (serranos, Santa Fe and jalapeño) have done great. Some of the bells have spotty germination. Not sure why. Maybe because these seeds were from last year.


Pepper table

Here is the miscellaneous table with eggplants (a few seen in lower right of photo), artichokes (taller seedlings – fresh out of the fridge where I was inducing vernalization; most made it a few wilted) and marigolds starts (left).

Miscellaneous table

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