Last post for today in this quick flurry of activity. This one is another seedling update.

About half of the seedlings we started are in the ground now. No, I didn’t take pictures of them (I know that is strange, but I was hungry and harvesting for dinner. Priorities, you know). I did walk around to see how things were doing. I am happy to report that the bulk of the seedlings seems to have fared really well. Pictures will be posted of this first round of transplants soon.

The focus of THIS post, however, is on the seedlings still doing their thing down in the basement. I checked on those guys and just can’t help but be super excited. The tomatoes are THRIVING. I know I have posted pictures before…but they seem crazy now. So lush, and they are sooooo pretty, I just salivate at the thoughts of fresh salsa, sauces and sliced tomato sandwiches. Woooodoggie. Very nice. Here’s a peak at one of the varieties:


As a side note, the peppers, eggplants, and the celery are starting to make a statement, too. Yay!

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