Marking the weekend

Just a few posts to update y’all on a few other weekend happenings that were captured on the camera camera and not the iPhone camera…finally, I got the images downloaded and ready for you to see.

So Saturday was a lovely day for playing with the transect. I KNOW, right? It is YOUR favorite activity to do on a Saturday, too. Honestly, it was pretty fun. We used the transect to map our contours on northern side of our property. This area will be our future orchard and berry section, but for this year, it will serve as the location for our pumpkins. Anyway, a little tweaking to our mapping system early one soon led us to use of fluorescent orange marking paint for laying down the lines. Mapping the contours is important. Plowing/planting on the contours helps preserve the landscape by minimizing erosion. Here is what our contours look like.

Upper contour
Three contours laid out

Three contours laid out

Here is what the contours look like on a Wonder Dog that got rolled through the marking paint.

FloJo's rear contours

FloJo’s rear contours

FloJo's white contours

FloJo’s white contours

FloJo's black contours

FloJo’s black contours

An addendum – I went back out to the farm Monday night and plowed the contours. Here are how the contours look from the road:

Plowed contours

Plowed contours

Man, I love that BCS.


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