Saturday showdown

It was people versus leaves….and the people won!

Saturday was the town’s leaf litter give-away day again, and holy crap, did we have some excellent help. Dad, Joe, Jordan, and the Bailey contingent of the killer ‘Bs’ brought their A-game to the challenge. Jordan and Joe managed to squeeze in 3 trips (that’s about a 40-50 mile round trip), Dad had two, and the Baileys, with their full-size truck bed, got enough leaves for a small country. Man, that truck was loaded down. The killer Bs also hit the ground running by laying cardboard and leaf mulch on another quadrant of garden pathways. AWESOME.

Jordan and I cannot express how much it means to us to have such excellent support from our friends and family…from all of the great food brought to us (thanks again to the Baileys and to mother Marge) to the willingness to drive to and fro with wet leaves THEN do the physical work of unloading the trucks once to the farm. How lucky are we? Seriously.

Here are some photos of the garden warriors part II. Thank you thank you thank you to all.

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