March madness

It has been another full weekend of family, great friends, and wonder dogs as all hands on deck were called into action. It was a race to haul as many free leaves (gift of the town) as possible and garden prep before Sunday’s rains were upon us. First of all, how blessed are we to have such incredible friends and family? So many thanks to my dad and our friends Joe, Ricky, Callie and Lacy. With their help we were able to haul 6 truckloads of leaves. Go garden warriors! Ricky, Callie and Lacy were amazing and nearly completed covering another quarter of the walking paths with cardboard and leaves. Everyone worked so hard, and we are grateful. There is no doubt that the garden is going to be spectacular this year. It was nice to relax for a bit, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, good food and great company. Photos will be coming.

20130331-085351.jpg 20130331-085430.jpg 20130331-085527.jpg

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