Labor intensive

Hi all. Sorry we’ve no pictures to update and inform about this weekend. Just know that we worked our tails off. Anyway, it is probably best NOT to see us haggard and pooped out. But before all of the work began, I met with our local extension agent on Friday to become official for the Radford City Farmer’s market – we got our grower’s permit. This marks a big step forward for us, makes it all a little more real. Radford’s farmer’s market starts up in May and lasts until October. It runs on Saturday’s only. Stay tuned for updates on that aspect as the time gets closer.

At any rate, we tackled more farm projects this weekend. Saturday was sunny and lovely even with gale force winds. We toiled outside all day (who needs a gym!). It was rather labor intensive, but the task was  to spread the compost over the planting beds. I think I got 6 rows topped with the black gold….that’s out of around 60 planting beds. Paltry numbers. I agree. I had hoped to at least top the 22 rows that were the roughest in fertility and soil texture. Of course, those rows are the furthest from the compost pile, and they are a bit longer than the 50′ plan (result of garden’s trapezoid shape). Ok, so that task will be a work in progress….for a while if we get spring showers. Like yesterday. And today. And tomorrow. Green manure is looking like a better plan!

Despite the dreary weather yesterday, Jordan and I finally got some fruit trees planted (two apples and a plum – gifts from the folks). The planting involved relocating a portion of the deer fencing. As a result, we have finally incorporated the compost into the garden area and have gained a bit more garden space! Fun. At least these guys are in the ground and protected from deer. We’ll be planting some blueberry bushes next weekend.

And that about covers it for the PTHF update.



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