PTHF garden warriors!

It was an all out attack this passed weekend…issued on all fronts by our Pear Tree Hill Farm garden warriors. The foe? Weeds – both existing and yet to emerge.

After some hotdogs and hamburgers (I was hungry), muscles were flexed as the battle cry raged (on and on and on despite pleas to stop).

Two sergeants at arms led the worker bees with fierce determination and will. The worker bees were unfailing. The leaves many at first, soon disappeared. With satisfaction, we enjoyed looking at our work done before us. Now, we cannot wait to cover the remainder.

What I am trying to say is that the town gave away leaves on Saturday. Jordan made two trips and many thanks to Callie for filling her full-sized truck bed with some. We had many friends and family come over to lay cardboard and spread out the leaves we were able to get. Many many thanks to Maggie, Callie, Lacy, Will, Riley, Carter, Colin (sp?), Marge and Jordan. Oh, yes, and the Wonder Dogs, too. It was a work blitz made fun by everyone’s great attitude and hard work. I had an amazing time. Here are some photos of the day.

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