Amazing to have seedlings happening in the basement when it is so dang cold outside. I went down to check on the soil blocks. Nearly everything has germinated now. Some of the seedlings are becoming a bit leggy. This legginess is a problem we do not desire (due to not enough light). We have added more fluorescent lighting to the basement, and, though it seems like the sun down there, we might have to adjust the lights some more to combat the issue….as in purchasing some chains to lower the new lights very close to the seedlings. Hopefully, we can strengthen these guys with some bright light. In the meantime, I am hoping it warms up at least a tad so that we may work on getting the plastic on the hoop house. I’d very much like to get the seedlings out of the basement and into the hoop house sooner rather than later. Especially, with increasing daylight happening.

Here are some photos of some seedlings – onions, brussels sprouts, and a tray of leggy sprouts.

Red onions

Red onions

Brussels sprout, sprout

Brussels sprout, sprout

Leggy brussels

Leggy brussels

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