What an absolutely lovely day…we just had to take a trip to the farm to enjoy this burst of sunshine and slightly milder temperatures. We got a few chores done as well as some visiting with the neighbors. It was nice to be back out on the homestead. There was quite a bit of evidence that spring is just around the corner – daffodils and tulips peaking up through the ground. The garden looked so inviting, too. The soil looked moist, but when handled was nice and crumbly. So, excited as can be, I fired up the BCS and started remaking the raised beds. Jordan and dad took down the trellising so it could be moved. We all dug up some more potatoes and carrots to take home and give away (got to start making room for future plantings). All in all, it was a relaxing yet productive visit as well as excellent outdoor therapy. The dogs also had a great time. This visit was only Flo-Jo’s third visit, but she did great. Going, she almost made it door-to-door with out a puking incident…almost. But we had no problems on the way back home – exhausted and napping. Here is an iPhone shot of her helping collect potatoes. Just look at that cute pea head.

Post potato pickin'

Post potato pickin’

The wonder dogs all had a fun time running about (and eating…whatever that brown stuff is…and digging, and rolling in…whatever THAT brown stuff is….and barking, and running, and chasing, and eating followed by more rolling and so on). The neighbor’s dog even came down to join in on the frolicking fun. Farm dogs are awesome!

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