February harvests

The potatoes we dug up today will be given to friends, family and Share the Spare. We just started harvesting from our last 50′ potato row. These potatoes look nice, larger in size.

Sadly, the carrots are almost gone, as we approach the end of that row. These were shorter rows given the shape of the garden, and that fact makes me sad. I have really enjoyed the taste of these orange beauties all this winter. Anyway, the last few carrots are a bit smaller than the ones harvested earlier in the row and season. The soil in this part of the garden is rockier and more compact. As such, these carrots are shorter and stouter. I didn’t thin this bed, either, so a few carrots grew close. REALLY close. Here is an iPhone photo of some “love carrots” that shared some space and, well, decided two were better as one. Pretty cool.

Entwined love carrots

Entwined love carrots

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