Listen folks, the weather is no joke. We went out to the farm last night just to make sure all was well given the weather alerts going down. Man, the rain was torrential. Massive amounts of standing water on the roadways. Luckily, we didn’t get the wind along with it. Still…we go from mid-60s and sunshine to rough rains to snow flurries and a wind chill of 25! Anyway. Driving back to town this morning was an eye-opener. I had to pull over (yes, I was dressed in my pjs) and snap a couple of cell phone photos of the dams. Both had the gates open and water a-rushing through (at most have seen just a trickle in the past). It was a wild sight (and sound). The New River itself was the highest I had ever seen it….less than a foot or so away from covering the very road I was driving on. That was a lot of water, people. And it was moving!

Little River Dam

Little River Dam

Claytor Lake Dam and the New River

Claytor Lake Dam and the New River

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