Prep work

There are some benefits to being corralled inside by the wicked winter weather. Not the lack of power, or heat, or water (though we did just fine with our lamps, propane stoves and melting snow). Not the fretting that all your summer goods frozen and packed lovingly in the freezer, just waiting for their opportunity to star in a nice meal, might thaw at any moment and be lost. Nor the fact that your corneas turn stiff and feel like they may shatter in the blustery winds. No, none of that is particularly enjoyable. What are the benefits of being housebound? Well, you get things done that you have been avoiding doing. Jordan worked like crazy to apply pipe insulation and spray foam to our little cellar area. He also worked very hard to get our hand-me-down generator operational (success and a savior for our fridge and freezer – plus some heat and TV every now and then). And me? Well, I got to focus completely on trying to be more organized this year. I got to do some garden prep work…on paper. Which, when you think about it, is pretty fun to do when the weather isn’t so great. Daydreaming about the different things to try and grow plus the returning favorites, mapping out the garden layouts and figuring out the crop rotation scheme, taking stock of current seeds on-hand and looking at what needs to be ordered…all of that so-called work just makes you think of spring, of new possibilities. It is kind of exciting. So, we are busy doing prep work for the up-coming season. It may snow some more, but we will be just fine with that as we gear up for the spring thaw!

Seed order

Seed orders

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