2013 Season’s first winter wonderland

Early release from work and late back the next day, we experienced our new year’s first winter weather. Getting to the farm was more of an adventure than desired (4 hour park and wait on I81 with my exit in view but unattainable).

Stuck on I81

Stuck on I81/my view for ~4hrs

But Jordan, Spotty and I did, indeed, battle the elements and prevailed, reaching the homestead to find no power and a repaired generator that still didn’t start.

Evenso, the camping was more than fine. We arrived safely (check). Jordan kindly stopped on his way in and picked up a delicious meal (food – check) and shoveled a path to the house (access in – check and many thanks for that). We had a candle, an oil lamp, working flashlights, snugly sleeping bags, and each other (awww). It was a restful night.

This morning, we woke to a spectacular winter wonderland. Gorgeous. No other word for it.

Sunrise hitting the mount

Sunrise hitting the mount

Valley view

Valley view

Many thanks to our neighbor who plowed our driveway! We love you! Jordan was able to break the ice seals on our vehicle doors and got them warmed up and thawed out. He tinkered with the generator but back to the shop it goes. Jordan boiled water, we had our french press coffee, some oatmeal and grilled sausages. We were ready for the day. But first, the fun of winter is play. We hit the pasture for some preliminary sledding, and let me tell you, the sledding is very good. Much better than last year when we had seed heads slapping us in the face. Such a big (and pleasurable) difference not having tall grass in the pasture. Here are some pictures of our first winter sledding!

We love it and look forward to getting back tonight (even if there is no power). Spotty says, if you are looking for some great sledding with a fast track, head to Pear Tree Hill Farm. Be safe and enjoy the beauty.



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