Funky phenomenon

We have hit a spell of wintry weather that can do wild and beautiful things. A little rain. Some sleet. Even a bit of snow. The wind blows strongly in from the east, a change from our usual westerly breeze. Combined, we have a chilly experience.

A thin layer of ice coated all until a brief burst of sun was enough to melt it. A crystalline world is always a wonder to view. Still, when the temperature drops to a magical point, other cool and funky phenomenon can occur.

As some of you will know, one of the demolition projects performed in the house was gutting of the add-on kitchen. Getting down to the clapboard siding opens up our renovation possibilities, but it also opens us up to today’s east wind! Hello moisture. Hello chill. Definitely, this old kitchen area is its own environment. An occasional burst of furnace-warmed air keeps the space above freezing. Yet, here is what I found happening near the window. In these photos you can see a forest of crystal towers “growing” in my dawn dish detergent. THAT is super cool.

20121226-140024.jpg 20121226-140032.jpg


  1. Amy, it even looks like there are some fish swimming around in your Dawn also. I am a phenomenon lover also and this rates high on the list.

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