Two day haul

Two day haul

Well, folks…it’s been a patch of silence. Sorry about that, but I can say that we have been busy.

Our girl Spotty went under the knife over a week ago to remove a nasty ear canal tumor. We had excellent care and support over at the vet school…many thanks to our fantastic surgeon, the staff and all the students who helped Spotty regain some zip to her step. She was a little slow last weekend, but has turned the corner to be back to normal. We hope that nasty tumor stays away.

In the meantime, our neighbor alerted us to an ad on Craigslist for a free greenhouse. We just had to check that out! We made the call and connected with the owner. Went out to take a look, and it was ours. Indeed, it is for free on one condition…we have to move it, 100s of cinder blocks, and clean up the site. That’s it. What an amazing gift for us. It altered our holiday vacation plans, but we are the better for it. The greenhouse is commercial – 30×96′ gothic style. It has been onsite for 15 some years, unused. The structure is in great shape, though. We are very fortunate to have this house. So, for the last week, we have been cutting brush (the plastic was long gone off of the greenhouse and many briars and small trees have grown in) and hauling cinder block. I have a few photos from last week. I will update the block photos tomorrow. We hauled probably over 500 blocks last week and still have more to move. We hope that by the end of this week we will begin to dismantle the structure. It is all very exciting (and good exercise).

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