We have corn! So, Sunday we had a delicious harvest meal with the family. Mom came out to the farm for the first time since Easter. Dad helped man the grill, overseeing the cooking of some ribeyes. Marge watched the dogs play. I harvested from the field, and mom helped me slice and dice our way to a delicious saute of chard, curly kale, potatoes, 4 types of beans, cayenne pepper, beet greens, zucchini all fresh from the garden along with onion, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. We boiled the fresh corn (though I ate some right after pickin’…who needs to cook it when it is just that good?) and had us a feast. It was very cool to pick nearly everything and eat it right then and there. It was also very nice to have the family all together.

Bicolor nectar

Bi-color nectar – Ambrosia sweet corn


Though we had plans to work on the house the rest of our stay-cation, a lot of time was spent harvesting and freezing the rest of the corn that was ready (nearly 200 ears were frozen Sunday and Monday). Our freezer is starting to fill up nicely.

Food saver corn

Thanks FoodSaver



Freezer filling with corn


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