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The big freeze

I know that you have heard quite a bit about the recent winter weather that rolled across our nation this weekend. We saw what was going on out West. We heard dire reports from our local weather persons. We diligently prepared for the worst…bought more fuel oil for the furnace, Jordan created a way to run the furnace off of our generator, he also got the generator ready for action, we made coffee ahead of time in case we lost power, we stockpiled water for drinking and toilet flushing, we precooked food to have at the ready, lanterns and oil lamps were gathered along with matches and flashlights….basically…we got ready for ice, snow, sleet and the usual power outage that accompanies such tough, cold weather.

And then….it didn’t really happen. We had rain. We had freezing rain. We had ice. It was definitely cold. But – it wasn’t as bad as forecasted. And – for the first time during such an event, we didn’t lose power. What a nice change! We ate well. We stayed warm. We were able to complete a couple projects in comfort.

Wild. So to those who DID get the brunt of the storm, we can empathize and hope you hang tough.

Still (and I know you have seen oodles of images and such about the weather folks have experienced) it is hard not to find the beauty of the crystalline world that results from a good cold front….

View from the point - Peak's Knob covered in clouds and all the trees are coated in crystals

View from the point – Peak’s Knob covered in clouds and all the trees are coated in crystals

Melting ice

Melting ice

Barbed wire ice

Barbed wire ice

The winter garden - frozen row covers luckily with no wind

The winter garden – frozen row covers luckily with no wind

2 responses

  1. Some really neat pictures of the ice on the wire and trees! Looks like a very beautiful place to spend some time! Thanks for sharing!

    December 9, 2013 at 10:33 PM

    • I cannot do any of it justice with a mere iPhone photo, but I sure am grateful to have such a device on hand to capture things in the moment. Especially since I timed my pasture walk right with onset of melting! Amazing how quickly the crystalline world was disappearing.

      Many thanks for stopping by!

      December 9, 2013 at 11:10 PM

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